The Disco Co - Birthday Parties

At a glance

  • Widely experienced in 18th, 21st, 30th , 40th and 50th
  • It is an experience, not just another party
  • No egos; your event – your way; we are hired help
  • Appropriate music selection
  • Selection of party games from tame to wild!
  • Try before you buy with our unique invitation to you
  • Requests taken before and during the event
  • Professional sound and lighting equipment
  • Dressing appropriate to the function
  • The right REPutation - Reliable, Experienced, Professional
  • CRB, PLI & PAT Certified
  • Competitive price

Your birthday party

We have had many years of experience providing entertainment at birthday discos and parties especially 18th, 21st, 30th , 40th and 50th. We have yet to do a 100th, but we have performed at an 80th!

Our birthday performance normally lasts up to 5 hours although this is flexible to meet your requirements.

Making sure that your event is a success
This may sound obvious, but every event is different, with different guests. It is more than just having the right music, it is about reading the audience and understanding what is needed, and when.

A great light show
Again, every event and venue is different, and it is important that the disco lighting provides a great experience for your guests. With a large range of lights and special effects, and the experience to use them effectively, the event is enhanced. Lighting should be used to match the music, mood and tempo of the event.

The lighting and effects used are programmed to work together and are similar to those found in many prestigious venues. A quality lighting set up makes for an impressive experience; one to be remembered

Getting the volume right
We have a fantastic set of very high quality speakers with built in dual amps. The sound quality is superb, and really sets The Disco Co apart.

Getting the volume right is important so that everybody has a good time, not just those on the dance floor. We understand that you are not at a nightclub, that you don't want to be deafened but that those dancing do want to enjoy themselves. You don't need to worry, because we are able to judge this correctly and avoid complaints! If on the evening you consider it to be too loud, simply ask for the volume to be reduced.

It is important that the majority of guest at your disco hear the music they most enjoy. We always offer requests, particularly for those celebrating the occasion, as it is important that the everyone feels part of the event.

The majority of guests want music to dance to, and don't generally want to listen to a DJ commentary, so they are kept to a minimum. The exception to this is during party games, when it can be almost the opposite on occasion!

Reliable professional service
We are always smartly dressed. The DJ stand/rig is compact and self contained and very professional. We are 100% reliable, and have never failed to provide a professional service.