The Disco Co - Vacancies

We are always interested in hiring new DJ's, if one of the questions below applies to you. Then get in touch.

1: I am interested in being a DJ, but have no experience?

We are always interested in nurturing new talent. The way we have found best to do this is for you to join us at an event in order to get a feel for how life is behind the decks at The Disco Co. It is not all fame and fortune. It does mean working Friday, Saturday evenings and more, when you friends are out partying (we supply the party!)

Once you are happy that this is where you see your future, we are happy to continue to invest in you via assignment of a mentor(s) who will show you the many different strings to the bow (or leads to the microphone). Once you make sufficient progress you will be given the opportunity to take control of the decks for a limited period at an event (supervised throughout), eventually coming through training to become a fully fledged Disco Co DJ.

If this has really wetted your ear buds, then please complete an enquiry form.

2: I am interested in being a DJ; I have experience?

Firstly congratulations on finding an occupation that is so thoroughly satisfying.

We like the Disco Co DJ to be either a specialist in a field (e.g. weddings, children's parties), or a jack of all. The Disco Co brand is not meant to educate clients or their guests in music genres or the latest Drum 'n' Bass tune; we are about our client and guests having the time of their life and having a night that will be talked about for years to come – making the client's event the one that everyone else wished they had organised. This means leaving egos at the door and playing what the audience wants.

Our payment structure is unique. Firstly we offer very competitive per performance rates, but in addition to this there is an added incentive of a bonus being paid at the start of every quarter for any of your performance(s) which have gained additional bookings. For example should your performance secure a contract in a hotel which regularly hosts weddings, you will be paid a percentage of every Disco Co booking held at the venue. Meaning you can be performing at another event, and still get rewarded for a performance where you are not even present.

It is considered essential that a Disco Co representative views a live performance(s) of your skills prior to the offer of any contract.

It is assumed that all experienced DJs have their own recorded music collection, regardless of format. Should there be a requirement for a ProDub licence, this must be purchased by the DJ, before commencement of any work for The Disco Co (proof of a valid licence will be requested).

If you feel that you are up to the challenge, then please complete an enquiry form.

3: I am interested in selling my mobile disco operation?

As you are aware there are many different shapes and style of disco, as well as presentation techniques. In order to progress with your enquiry please call on 0191 386 7474 to arrange a mutually convenient time to assess your company's current operations, as well as assets, liabilities and current bookings.

It is considered essential that a Disco Co representative view a live performance(s) prior to the commencement of due diligence and an eventual offer being made.

In all aspects of this enquiry contact will be solely made with the proprietor of the mobile disco in order to maintain integrity to all parties.

Want to find out more? Why not get in touch by contacting us here at The Disco Co.